We are Nikextension

A new creative collaborations powerhouse. By combining our own experience with a diverse global network of young and old creative professionals, we deliver creative strategies and brand experiences on any platform.

Diana Klara Kawa is a Project Manager with vast experience from start ups and other creative businesses. She keeps track of all projects. When she leaves the office she continues to keep track of her two small kids north of Copenhagen.

Milton Runerheim is an Industrial Designer and creative. We recently collaborated with him on a huge exhibition and we simply had to offer him a job. He is just really, really good.

Nikolaj Fremming (DK) is a Creative Director with a background in the advertising industry. He is also an Industry Leader at Hyper Island – a world renowned school of creativity and transformative technology. In his sparetime he tries to keep up with his twin girls age 8.

Christian Aronsen (SE) has a background as an architect but has most of his working life been accelerating and managing creative directions within communication and brand development. He designs exhibitions, retail and hospitality all over the world and advises big brands and organisations on creative strategy and how to be more human. In his spare time one of the main things would be to keep up with his twin girls of age 8. (Yes, he also has twins!)